Why There Has to be a Hell

Wednesday, June 14 | 6:30-8pmPlease join us for a special Rooted on Wednesday evening in the Worship Center as Pastor Dave brings us a message on “Why There Has To Be A Hell.” Everyone is invited.

Pray Like Jesus

As we continue through the gospel of Luke, we learn that Jesus would often get away to pray. This message will encourage you in your prayer life and point you to a better way to pray.

Who is God?

Sunday, June 4 & 11 | 8:30am The Evangelical Free Churches of America agree on 10 key points in our doctrinal statement. This class will review the first point which centers on the God of the Bible. This class will grow your love, appreciation, and knowledge of God. This 2-week class meets in the Upper … Continue reading Who is God?

Spiritual Discipline Checkup

The spiritual discipline for 2023 at Mountainside Community Church is to practice the “One Another’s” of Scripture. This sermon will explain why living in community with one another is the most godly way to live.

Easter Sunday

Easter is a time for people to come to church for 1 reason: Jesus. That being said, people come to Jesus in very different spots in their life. This Easter, learn the story of a person who was trying to find Jesus.

Palm Sunday

Jesus was never welcomed into towns until Palm Sunday. The crowds were ready for political change, the environment was right, and they wanted Jesus to deliver them. But Jesus had a different deliverance in mind. Jesus wanted to change hearts and not governments.