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  • An Alphabet of Motherly Wisdom

    Our society puts a lot of expectations on women. Some of those are good and some of those aren’t. The Bible is the only source for the true calling of a woman. Join Pastor Dave as he preaches from Proverbs 31 about a woman who pleases God.

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  • Sabbath Problems

    Jesus often had differences with religious leaders over the observance of the Sabbath. What is the Sabbath and what was Jesus trying to say? Join in as Israel Sandoval teaches us.

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  • Jesus Came To Heal Sinners

    So far in the Gospel of Luke we have met a number of people who have needed Jesus’ healing touch. Now, we come to a famous story about a paralyzed man who is let down through a roof to receive his healing. But Jesus wants to heal this man’s real problem.

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  • Pray Like Jesus

    As we continue through the gospel of Luke, we learn that Jesus would often get away to pray. This message will encourage you in your prayer life and point you to a better way to pray.

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  • Spiritual Discipline Checkup

    The spiritual discipline for 2023 at Mountainside Community Church is to practice the “One Another’s” of Scripture. This sermon will explain why living in community with one another is the most godly way to live.

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  • Easter Sunday

    Easter is a time for people to come to church for 1 reason: Jesus. That being said, people come to Jesus in very different spots in their life. This Easter, learn the story of a person who was trying to find Jesus.

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